Is Copywriting an Investment or Expense?

Profit and loss statements or income statements have two main categories: Profit/Revenue and Expenses.

You know the goal: increase the revenue category and decrease the expense category.

This is of course a great way to look at your business, but I’d suggest that there should be one other category, even if it is just inside your head.


Copywriting is an investment. If done correctly, it makes you money. Copywriting is an expense that becomes revenue which makes it different than other expenses.

Let me give you an example.

When you buy toilet paper for your business, that is an expense. 2 ply probably won’t increase sales over 1 ply toilet paper. Toilet paper is really just the cost of doing business. If you pay extra for nicer toilet paper, it will not increase sales in most scenarios.

On the other hand, paying extra for copywriting may very well increase your revenue. This is how you can make your expenses a slave of your revenue. This is the secret to successful business.

Every expense that becomes an investment becomes revenue.

Copywriting can easily be just an expense. If you hire someone to write you cheap copy, you’ll have to put copywriting down as just an expense.

If you want the comfort of knowing that the copywriter you hire is an investment, email me at konradholdenwriting@gmail.com or click the contact tab above.

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