What Business Are You Really In?

I’ve heard it said that “No matter what business you are in, you are in the business of sales and marketing.”

While I don’t claim that quote as my own, I do certainly agree. While it is true that you need a quality product at the right price with good customer service, at then end of the day business success comes down to one question:

“Can I convince people that they need this?”

“Can this thing fulfill a need in the market?”

“Can I sell this?”

These are all essentially the same question.

Judith Charles of Judith K. Charles Creative Communication has said that “a copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter.”

In effect, every piece of literature that your business puts out is a black and white, Times New Roman salesperson.

When you go to hire a copywriter, you are hiring a salesperson. You need this copywriter to know more than just eloquence or fancy turns of phrase. You need someone who understands the essence of sales and the psychology of persuasion. You need someone who will dig deep into your business and find the value that will make customers pull out their wallets and increase your bottom line. You need someone who will take your valuable offer and add psychological value to it through their writing.

This is what I do.

To have me do this for you, email me at konradholdenwriting@gmail.com or click the contact tab above.

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