How a “Boring” Ad Can Be “Exciting” for Your Wallet

Have you ever gotten an ad back from an agency or copywriter that just plain bored you? Felt like your money was wasted? Think your customers might be bored too?

Maybe the ad isn’t flashy enough or doesn’t have a good enough joke or doesn’t show an eye-catching picture.

As it turns out, those things are not as important to your customers as you might think. They may not even be as important as your customers say they are.

What is important is that you have a good offer and your selling message is clear and speaks to your customers’ needs and desires.

The fundamental question you need to ask yourself, as a business owner or marketer, is:

Who is this boring to?

Is it boring to me or to my customers?

If it is boring to you it may still be exciting to your wallet.

If it is boring to your customers, you’ll start worrying about your wallet.

That is the beauty of advertising. You don’t need to hire a world class graphic designer or spend millions of dollars to get the best advertising channels. If you ad makes a great offer to people who have needs/wants you can fulfill, you could run the ugliest ad possible. You’ll still probably make more sales than the 1 page image ad with two words at the top.

Take this example:

In the town where I live, there is a barbeque restaurant that is wildly popular. Its main customers are higher income folk, but it is in a part of town that has a lower income population. This restaurant has also been shut down by the health department multiples times. The employees are loud and it has an in-your-face atmosphere. Yet it is still packed all the time.

Here’s the point,

You don’t need to find the copywriter who is going to make you a nice, pretty ad. It might not sell a single thing. You need a copywriter who will take the time to understand your business and your customers.

If you want a copywriter that will do this, shoot me an email at konradholdenwriting@gmail.com.

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