The Tiny Little Spring That Will Make Your Marketing Burn Like Propane

I was recently helping install an household air conditioning/heating system. We were converting it from natural gas to propane for heating.

Anyway, I noticed something important that may help you squeeze some extra juice out of your promotions and campaigns. Which for some of you may mean multiple thousands of dollars more in returns.

This isn’t a tactic, get rich quick scheme, or anything like that. It is a principle that comes from a little ole spring.

To convert this heater to propane, we had to do some things to the gas valve. Long story short, the only thing necessary to convert the gas valve was a tiny little spring. I’m not talking a slinky—you could sit on this thing and not know it.

You see, your marketing is a little bit like that gas valve. Maybe you’ve got everything in order and your promotions are pulling in a good return. But somewhere deep in your suspicious little heart, you know there are some untapped profit wells hanging around.

It may be that you have a tiny little spring you need to change. Something you have looked at one thousand times, but never noticed it.

One quick example. I don’t remember where I heard this story, but I heard it somewhere I’ll have you know.

A company decided to run a promotion. They hired a great copywriter and spent a good amount of money putting the project together. Then they sent it out…and only heard crickets. Of course, the copywriter got a call about the bad news and they all sat down to figure out what went wrong.

Turns out, they decided to run a black background with white lettering. So when people went to complete the form no one could see their handwriting. A bonehead mistake!

So they flipped the color around (a tiny little spring) and it was a great success.

Or another quick example, I heard a story about a marketer who tested a red button versus and orange button. The orange button pulled 27% more response. A tiny little spring. 

And that is the power of a tiny little spring in your marketing. This could be anything from design, price, offer, headline, subject line, title, picture, etc.

(Chapter 8 of John Caples’ “Making Ads Pay” has some really good examples of this)

If you’re looking for copywriting to help pinch out those extra dollars from your promotions, paste konradholdenwriting@gmail.com in your email and let me know what you’ve got going.

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