Blind boy’s trick to see without your contacts in (and learn your customer’s secret desires)

I am essentially blind without my contacts in. Completely useless. 

Without my contacts, I have to hold things about 6 inches from my face to read any book.

So I have learned a trick over the years to see even without my contacts or glasses…and if you implement the lesson that follows, you will be able to learn your customer’s secret desires and how to sell to them much better.

So whenever I have my contacts out and can’t find my glasses, I open my phone camera and hold it up to my face. I can see everything clearly on the screen. 

Now, you can do something similar to get inside your customer’s noggins…and find out the things that truly appeal to them.

And that thing is…


Reddit, facebooks groups, forum websites, etc.

The list goes on and on (even better build your own forum for you ideal customer).

Looking through forums will help you hear what you customers actually talk about when they are talking to peers, not focus groups.

People will spill their entire life philosophy on a forum about breeding hairless Siamese cats. 

And you can pick up the droppings and use them for your own profitable devices.

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