Don’t let your prospect get too excited about your product

This bit o’ info comes from Jim Camp — master negotiation coach and author of some books on the subject.

But, negotiation, as Mr. Camp teaches it, applies to copywriting and marketing as well.

The principle at play here is that we want to create the environment for effective decision-making in the prospect. 

Effective decision-making is what will help prospects to make good decisions about purchasing your product or service (good is defined by their interests and their world). 

The problem comes when prospects are so excited that they cannot make effective decisions. 

I can think of people in my life that are very excitable. And often, when things go south, they are the most agitated. Like a pendulum – back and forth, back and forth. 

That is what people will do with your copy. Get someone so excited and they may end up being the most agitated (and annoying) customer you’ve got.

And don’t take my word for it, some of the great sales letters of all time do this very thing (I will mention one in the days to come).

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