How to clear a marketing misfeed

When a firearm misfeeds, the next bullet in the magazine fails to enter into the barrel properly and get ready to fire (for those who didn’t know).

When a misfeed happens, you’re jammed up. And if you’re in law enforcement or military, you are up a creek without a paddle…unless you know how to clear a misfeed.

Generally, you’ll want to smack the baseplate of the magazine and rack the gun again. 

Now, let’s jump out of firearms and into marketing.

If you have a dud of a campaign…just an absolute bomb…a marketing misfeed, if you will…

You need to take a second to reset. Step back and think. Clear the jam. 

“Why didn’t this campaign work? Where did we assume things about the customer? Does our offer have any actual appeal to the customer?”

If you don’t step back and at least debrief on these questions after a bad campaign…all your tracking is useless.

If you don’t learn from the results, you might as well just stop counting anything. 

Now, I’m not saying you need to have a 6 hour meeting. But you better do some critical thinking, edit something, redeploy, or shut it down.

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