How to get unlimited marketing research for free

I am sure that multiple thousand dollar marketing research firms are worth the money for the people who use them. 

But I would imagine for the majority of smaller companies and entrepreneurs, these aren’t worth the investment.

Sort of like using a intercontinental ballistic missile when all you need is a BB gun. Overkill.

And, as it happens, there is a much cheaper…and even free (in terms of dollars & cents) option for gathering all the marketing research you need.

And that is what the keyboard warriors have termed…IRL (in real life). 

The best marketing research wears shoes and walks around your local Walmart (or wherever your customers hang out). 

Sell to soccer moms? Go sit in on a random soccer practice (marginally creepy, but super valuable).

Sell incontinence products? Go stand in the incontinence product aisle at Walmart (marginally embarrassing, which is why it is super valuable).

Etc, etc

And that is how to get loads of marketing research for next to nothing

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