My 9 month old plays around with COVID-19 like it’s no big deal


She swings it around and chews on COVID-19 (pictured below). And I don’t even tell her no. 

Now you can take a tip from the little baby that will help you connect with your customers and the things that concern them.

I pick the COVID example because it is so widespread. Nearly everyone’s life has been affected in some way by the coronavirus.

And you deal with daily reminders: the news, masks, sneeze guards, etc etc.

So do your customers. And no matter how they feel about it, they are thinking about it in some capacity nearly every day. 

If the people you want to buy your products are thinking about something everyday, it would be a good idea to address that in your marketing.

Enter the conversation going on in their mind. Talk about what they are already talking about. You know where their interests lie. 

But be careful to talk to them in the same way they talk about it. 

Also a handy tip during the election season.

This can be summed up by asking the question, “what’s going on in their world?”

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