The big shiny tubes of social media

Pictured below is ducting for a dust collection system (aka a giant vacuum).

But on a whole other level, this is a picture of what your prospects go through online and especially social media.

As your prospect travels down through the pipe, they have so many options of where to go. 

(Though in reality things are sucked up through this pipe. But for the purposes of this post, I will reject that reality and substitute my own.)

Mark Zuckerberg wants them to stay on Facebook. Their mind wants to focus on things of their interest: friends, family, hobbies. And your competitors also want to steal their eyeballs too.

Which means if you want to break your prospect out of that big shiny tube and bring them over to you website, sales page, etc, you need to grab their attention and incentivize them to leave.

The reader of your post or ad, is constantly asking these subconscious questions:

What will I get from clicking this link?

Why should I care?

Is this worth my time?

And the default answers of every brain is nothing, shouldn’t, and no.

Unless you give them a good enough reason to leave Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, they will scroll on past and find your competition who did it better.

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