The Holden household moved recently – below is a product of my wife’s organization brain.

It was pretty mindless to load these boxes.

But when we loaded the bigger stuff, there was a lot more creativity and thinking involved.

Takes me back to something my 8th grade English teacher taught me (the only thing I remember from her class of course).

She said “creativity thrives on constraints”.

In other words, obstacles help you be more creative. 

If you can’t do something due to client’s requests, the medium’s shortcomings, or time…

You have to figure out a different way to accomplish the same goal…

While still incorporating the marketing principles that will increase response and ultimately success.

As a side note, this is why I am not a big fan of so-called “modern art”…

Anybody can duct tape a banana to a wall

Few can draw a life like person (constrained by reality)

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