The market can eat a washing machine in 3 minutes flat

Pictured below is an industrial shredder used for breaking down household electronics for recycling. As the wheels spin it crushes and shreds anything thrown into it.

It looks like something straight out of an action movie. And I was told it will chomp up a washing machine in 3 minutes.

One of the things I enjoy about marketing is the ability to completely and utterly fail. 

You see, the market is a lot like the monster pictured below. When you throw an offer in, it will eat it right up. The market is merciless. You may think you’ve got the greatest thing since sliced bread…

The market doesn’t care. It will judge you on the value you *actually* bring to customers and how well you communicate that value.

Many multitudes of marketing would be better if we focused on improving those two areas…

Am I bringing actual value?

Am I communicating well?

The great thing is, the market will let you know (as long as you are measuring results effectively). After lots of testing, you won’t have to guess.

Just throw your offer into the shredder and see what happens.

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