When marketing things go ‘bump’ in the night

I suspect that the vast majority of people haven’t thought much (if at all) about what they would do if they heard glass break downstairs at 3 am. 

(As a non-marketing side note, I think police are a good thing. But they are minutes away when seconds count. Let that sink in…)

Anywho, I also suspect that very few people would just roll back over and go to sleep.

Which is almost like having a marketing campaign completely flop and then not trying to figure out what went wrong.

Obviously, something is wrong in the house. Best find out what it is.

Was is a boring, unappealing offer?

Did the creative confuse people?

Did we run it in the right medium?

Did our vendors do their job right?

It could be just a small tweak…or it could mean scrapping the entire idea. Don’t know until you figure it out.

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