Why every marketer should hire a certified mechanic

I did the brakes on one of our vehicles recently.

In record time too. It was the longest it has ever taken anyone to change their brakes (though that isn’t verified).

Whenever I work on my cars, I always decide how long it will take…and multiply it by 2. 

That’s because I’m not a mechanic nor the son of a mechanic.

There is lots of money to be saved working on your own car, but there is lots of time to be spent as well. 

And that’s one of the benefits of hiring a copywriter.

You could sit and stare at a blank screen and eek something out after a while. But then you have to make sure it grabs attention, hits all the major objections, creates belief in your prospect, and more.

And if it doesn’t work, you have to sit back down into google docs limbo and try to figure out what went wrong.

Which you can do. But what usually happens is you have other things to get done…which means you make sacrifices in your copy and decrease the potential ROI of the project.

It’s the cheap, fast, good matrix.

Cheap and fast = not good
Good and fast = not cheap
Cheap and good = not fast

If you need good and quick (or faster than you could do it), it’s time to hire a copywriter.

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