Why no one should be surprised at Romeo & Juliet’s demise

Shoulda seen it coming. Romeo, Juliet, the inglorious ending.

Now by no means am I a Shakespeare expert nor even a fan (by ignorance, not experience mind you). 

But still, even the most inexperienced Shakespeare newb, who didn’t read any of the books in English class, should have seen the double suicide coming.

(Side note, women are worth dying for, but not killing yourself over – so it was not romantic to say the least)

Why should I have seen it coming?

Because the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

As Jim Camp says, the best negotiators (insert marketers, copywriters, etc) try to calm their prospects down when they are too excited.

The problem, of course, with Romeo & Jules is that they were too in love…and because that pendulum of emotion was so high…it swung all the way to the other side.

So they should have calmed one another down, so they could make effective decisions.

I saw this in the famous Wall Street Journal letter (that brought in billions in sales supposedly). At the end, it says something like, “Now I cannot guarantee that the Wall Street Journal will instantly make you successful…”

That is a prime example of lowering emotion so that effective decision-making can be had.

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