Why you should be wrong in public

I prefer to be right whenever I can. And you probably do too. 

But when the rubber meets the marketing road, being right all of the time is too big a risk for any marketer.

Let me illustrate…

I have a dear friend who is experienced in his niche and has a whole lot to offer. But for fear of having to retract things, he doesn’t produce content. 

Would the world be better off with him engaging? Yes.

But what holds him back is not wanting to be wrong (between us, that would happen a lot
less than he thought).

And though he’s not in marketing, this is a great marketing lesson.

Social media is a sketchbook in which you get to test, iterate, and refine ideas. It allows you to get nearly instantaneous feedback on anything you want to test.

But even more than that, when you produce and publish content (especially daily) you are going to learn what *doesn’t* work. 

Which means you can make adjustments and tweaks. It will force you to refine. And eventually get to that diamond in the rough.

And that is the benefit of being wrong in public.

There’s no failure, only results.

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