Why you should kamikaze your marketing like my 9 month old

If you’ve ever had a kid (even just one will do to learn this), you know they are rabid kamikazes.

It seems like every other minute of everyday I think to myself, “Girl, nothing about what you just did was smart.”

Crawling down stairs head first, trying to launch herself off a couch, getting into a grappling match with the chihuahua (the chihuahua usually wins).

Well the other day, I looked at the little thrillseeker and she reminded me of something I’ve been learning the past couple months.

When it comes to marketing, especially for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers…

You’ve gotta be a kamikaze.

Not in the “certain death” sort of way, though if you put in the work, your sales will rise from the ashes.

But you’ve got to dive nose first into everything. 

Social media, dive in.
Copywriting, dive in.
Chocolate trifle, dive in.
Insert whatever it is you want to do in marketing, dive in.

Start small, scale what works.

There is no failure, only results.

And you can learn from results.

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