“Ducks, and how to make them pay”

This is the title of a book from the 1800s. 

And it is a great example of a “fascination.” 

You may or may not have seen a picture of this book floating around the internet recently. It has gone semi-viral (my wife even sent me a picture of it). 

In my estimation, the reason it has gone semi-viral is that it instantly creates curiosity in people. 

For one, many people have a basic understanding of ducks and consider them of little importance or uninteresting. So to hear that someone has written a full-length duck book piques their interest and implies that maybe there is more to ducks than meets the eye.

But secondly, and because of its older language, we modern people immediately think that it is about getting vengeance on ducks. Which makes us even more curious.

(After closer inspection, it is about making money in duck farming. The use of ‘pay’ is similar to how it is used in “Making Ads Pay” by John Caples. A book highly recommended to your marketing mind.)

This all combines to create an itch in your head that says, “What is in this book? What could possibly be in this book?”

When it comes to getting attention, creating itches is the name of the game. You want your prospects thinking, “I have to find out what this is about.”

If you want to get attention (and more sales) for your business, you need to do things attract your audience. Things that generate curiosity in your ideal customer. 

You need a “Ducks, and how to make them pay” for your business.

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