One of the biggest mistakes I made in high school English class

I imagine quite a few people have made the mistake I am about to describe.

And for many more, it kept their English grade at a C for most of their high school career.

When assigned a paper, I would find a topic and start writing. And usually this happened a couple days before the paper was due.

I remember many a night viciously swiping through pages of a book searching for things to use in my paper. 

A bonehead mistake which cost me many hours of sleep and added pounds of frustration.

You see, many people when writing English papers or ads, do a teeny amount of preliminary research and start with the writing.

I always found writing difficult. I often stared at a blank screen and blinking cursor. And that is what many entrepreneurs do today.

And the fix for this is really simple.

Start with research. 

Research is like water. If you fill your pitcher all the way up, you can fill up multiple cups without refilling.

But many people fill up the “pitcher” of their mind with just enough “water” to *start* writing.

Which means they constantly run out of water, don’t know what to say, and have to do more research to fill themselves up again.

This tends to happen to entrepreneurs especially because they tend to focus on the one next thing that needs to get done. They do what they can and learn as they grow.

But when it comes to writing, you need to get all the supplies you need and then figure out how to arrange them.

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