My favorite out of body experience

One of the more useful things about having an out of body experience would be seeing your mannerisms, quirks, and the overall presentation (brand?) that you put off to other people.

That would be quite useful. Correcting all the things other people notice but never say anything about.

We tend to be able to recall what we said and did, but not the general feeling that we put off towards others.

The same goes for writing. When you are in the heat of writing, it is easy to examine the technical meaning of your words.

(This is especially important in copywriting and marketing since you want to attract the reader not merely by technically, market-research approved benefits and facts, but by the very personality of the writing.)

But it is hard to judge the more esoteric “feeling” that your writing puts out. The “life”, if you will, in the bones of sentence structure and information.

So, one way to beat this was taught to me by a college instructor (not professor, there’s a difference) of mine.

She said you should let your writing “cool”. Take a break. Take a step back.

Give your mind time to forget what you wrote. Get out of the frame of mind you were in when you wrote it.

One minor disagreement – she said to take 20 minutes and come back to it. Which if you’re in a time crunch might be the best you can get.

But I have always found that taking much longer yields much more beneficial results.

Taking days or even weeks can give you what I call my favorite out of body experience.

The goal is to be so far removed that think you are reading something that someone else wrote.

Then you can begin to truly critique it.

But don’t trust me. See for yourself. Go read something you wrote weeks or even years ago. Then you too can enjoy this same out of body experience.

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