Why I am displeased when people like my LinkedIn posts

I often post content on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. That may very well be how you got on this email list. 

Vast hordes of people are communicating every day on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Likes, comments, and shares are the currency over there. And each has a different value attached to it.

But those three of are really little value to the entrepreneur.

Especially likes. 

I referred to likes as one of the “currencies” on social media. But in reality, likes rarely translate into actual cash for your business. 

A story:

I heard once that the president of J. Crew (the women’s clothing brand) was getting a report from his marketing department on the social media likes their posts were receiving. He shot back a reply that they could continue to measure their success in likes as long as they were okay with him putting likes on their paycheck.

Which is an uncommon piece of common sense.

Especially for an entrepreneur, when the price of time is extremely high, social media engagement is useful for the platform it happens on—but it is less useful for your business.

That is why I put little stock in LinkedIn likes. They are useful for knowing what kinds of things people are interested in, but they don’t give me the information I really need. They don’t let me know who might be interested in what I have to offer.

A like can’t tell you if a person is interested in what you have to offer or if they remember you from college and appreciate that you are still moving and shaking.

So, likes are low on the totem pole (or high? I heard recently that the Native Americans put the most respected people at the bottom of a totem pole).  

What do I like more than LinkedIn likes? That’ll come tomorrow.

But enough about social media. Do you need to communicate online or in print with your customers? In a way that brings in cold hard casheesh instead of mere likes, comments, and shares? Click on over to http://www.konradholdencopywriter.com.

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