Copywriting as decision-making

One of my favorites, “Start With No” by the late Jim Camp, outlines a method of negotiation that centers on decision-making.

The main point being that negotiations are moved forward by effective decision-making by both parties.

The negotiator’s role is to make effective decisions and then facilitate and encourage effective decision-making on the part of his adversary. 

This involves things like…

– Painting a picture of their pain
– Giving them an agenda and deadline
– Managing expectations
– Helping them understand the full weight of their decision
– Letting them be “okay”
– Giving them the right to say no

All of which he explains in much more detail in his book.

The point? Oh yes, I got carried away.

Copywriting is not much different. It is merely negotiation (or facilitating effective decision-making) in print (or pixels).

Which is why good copywriting always paints a picture of the reader’s pain, gives them the info needed to make a decision, manages their expectations, and requires a decision (without taking away their right to veto). 

Anyway, enough yappings on.

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