Why I voraciously sign up for email lists and ruthlessly unsubscribe from the ones that provide little to no value

A “tribe” is any group which is gathered around a common goal with a common set of beliefs and rules for belonging.

But tribes exist in many forms.

The main benefit of tribes is the collective experience. The “hive mind”—or in science fiction they call this “gestalt intelligence”.

Some tribes are very small and curated such as the “Inklings” which was a small group of literary enthusiasts including the household names Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

And then there are email lists—which give you the collected experience of the person writing the emails. Which is why I suggest you keep these to a minimum. Perhaps only 3. And only the best. Only the ones that consistently provide something valuable, something thought-inducing—even if they have something to sell every time.

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