The case for removing your logo from your website

Recently at work, we were asked to figure out why a certain page wasn’t converting the high amount traffic that was being sent to it.

And upon arrival, it was clear what was wrong. Too much branding.

People who clicked on the ad (which was about a specific make/model of car) expected to see content about that.

But what they ended up seeing was a big header image of a car (different make/model) with the company logo on it.

Big mistake.

My suggestion?

Remove the header image entirely—in fact, toss the logo in a dumpster fire. Stick it at the bottom of the page below the contact info if we really want it.

But for marketing’s sake, make sure what they see on the page delivers on the promise of the ad.

And that is really the main point. If your landing page doesn’t instantly deliver on the promise of the ad—you should *expect* people to click off quickly.

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