Recently I attended Carline Anglade-Cole’s webinar Tribute to Clayton Makepeace, one of the legends of direct response copywriting.

It was a who’s who of the past 40+ years of direct response marketing featuring people like...

Gary Bencivenga
Bob Bly
David Deutsch
Brian Kurtz
Kim Krause Schwalm
Kevin Rogers
Parris Lampropoulos
Lori Haller
Richard Viguerie
Marcella Allison
And others...

And they said many great things which I will not go into here.

But there was something taught there in silent whispers

The practice of reading.

If you want to be a great writer (and that includes copywriting), you have to be a great reader.

This concept was powerfully sold by the fact that at least half of these legends of direct response copywriting were surrounded by bookshelves.

And not cute ones - these were packed to the brim with books. Book stuffed in sideways and piles of them everywhere.

And I would suspect that the other half also has loads of books, they just weren’t shown on camera.

This was all confirmed when Bob Bly said that if you want to learn to be a great writer “you have to read everyday, and write everyday.”

Enough for today.

As always, if it is time to take your copy from the “Dick & Jane” level to “Lord of the Rings”, you can get that help here:

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