How to veto-proof your copywriting

Recently, in the great state of Kansas where I live, our state legislature passed a bill with a super-majority in both houses.

Normally the bill would likely be vetoed by the current governor.

But more than two-thirds of each house voted yes, making the bill theoretically “veto-proof”. 

It doesn’t matter so much what the bill was about, so I will stop yipping about politics.

The point is that you can “veto-proof” your copywriting. 

And this isn’t really a copywriting tactic at all. It’s more big picture than that.

You can do all the linguistic judo on your website and sales pages you want, but the one thing that will veto-proof your writing…

…is having a no-brainer offer.

A no-brainer offer is something that your ideal, qualified prospect almost CANNOT say no to. Something where the perceived value is exponentially greater than the price.

There are at least two ways to get this done:

There are at least two ways to get this done:

1. Lower the price of the offer


2. Add something to up the value of the offer

If you do this successfully, and your prospect has an immediate need, this will veto-proof your copywriting.

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