Wodehouse fools the nazis

A story:

British writer P. G. Wodehouse was captured by the Nazis during World War II.

When the Germans realized he was a well-known writer, they “asked” him if he would write propaganda for them.

He inwardly snickered (as you’ll see why) and accepted their offer.

Now why would a loyal Brit gladly write for one of the evil empires of history?

He was so talented that he could write in such a way that the Germans thought he was writing propaganda for them while signaling an entirely different meaning to the British people.

Good copywriting is like this.

And especially your headlines.

It should really only make sense to the exact ideal customer. And everyone else should shrug it off.

Here’s a famous example: “Do you make these mistakes in English?”

This headline sold a home-study course about improving your English skills. And it was published during a time when refugees and immigrants from Europe were flooding into the United States.

Now, are you especially intrigued by the headline? Do you feel like your broken English keeps you from succeeding?

Probably not, but back when this was written there were hundreds of thousands of people who felt that way.

It resonated with them and no one else.

So, one test to apply to your advertising is this: would this resonate with a lot of people or only the ones I really want?

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