Flushing the copy vs design debate down the toilet

Marketing creatives talk about this all the time. What’s more important: copy or design?

Or what should you start with: copy or design?

Those questions are all fine and good. But they are tactical questions—which means they are much less useful than more principled focused questions.

Such as…

What are we doing in an email?

What is the purpose of a banner ad?

What is the goal of landing page creative?

Having a tight, deep understanding of those answers make all the tactical questions about copy and design easier and quicker.

And here’s the answer: we’re communicating a message. 

The point of any piece of marketing is communicating a specific message that leads to a specific action.

That’s it. 

The golden calves of copy and design are meant to communicate your message in a compelling and engaging way. 

Copy and design serve marketing, not the other way around.

They’re not unimportant, but they aren’t ALL-important.

You have to determine what your message is before you figure out how to communicate it. 

Need help with that? 

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