“You’ve got mail from the government”

USPS has this new fangled technology that will send you an email with pictures of your mail before it arrives. 

Aside from being an instance of our culture’s obsession with instant gratification…

…it represents a great marketing lesson for those who have ears to hear.

My wife got the USPS email with a picture of a letter from a federal agency.

“Look at this, what could this be?” she texted me.

I could hear the worry in her voice even over text.

And quite frankly, it set alarm bells off in my head, too.

(Which is completely justified because usually the government reaches out to take something from you…or take something from you disguised as giving you something.)

It ended up being of little consequence.

Here’s the marketing lesson.

The government has a brand that elicits worry and stress. 

Some of that is from the reputation they’ve built over the past 250 years…some is from the bureaucratic style of their envelopes.

What emotions, thoughts, and experience does your business elicit in your customers?

That is something that can be controlled, concocted, and strategized.

And it reiterates a point I heard Ben Settle make about email…

“The “from” line of your email is more important than the subject line.”

That one requires some thinking.

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