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How to Conquer Vast Territories of Your Niche and Create Loyal, Raving Subjects with Aggressive (Almost Barbaric) Copywriting

Dear Friend,

If you would like to dramatically increase your business’ monthly revenue, attract and gain new customers, and create raving fans—no, subjects—who dutifully and happily pay you “tribute” without having to ever put pen to paper or wanting to strangle your computer while writing sales letters, emails, or FB ads, then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

Too many small business owners treat their customers like their master. Responding to their every whim and call.

Let me tell you of another hero, like yourself, who had a different relationship with the people he served. 

This man took on vast hordes of his customers’ enemies—even being captured and finding himself below the hangman’s noose at one point. He was willing to give up everything (even lose the love of his life for a time) to build an empire that would protect and prosper himself and his customers. 

And he was willing to do it all without the promise of pay, even though his customers always happily took care of his every need (and many of his wants, too).

And he did it by robbing the rich dictator and giving to the poor.

Yes, I’m talking about Robin Hood—specifically the BBC version.

But what most people don’t remember about the BBC version (maybe other versions, I don’t know) is that Robin was not a poor peasant farmer who was fed up with the Sheriff of Nottingham.

He was the Lord of Locksley. And the people he was fighting for were his subjects. The peasants he protected, were his peasants.

Modern people despise any kind of peasantry—but Robin Hood saw his peasants differently. They were his responsibility.

Helping Your Customers 
Is Your Call of Duty

I’ve always thought this was a fitting comparison to the modern-day entrepreneur.

You’re building an empire that will shelter you and your family from the uncertainty looming in the distance.

And you’re doing it by helping your customers conquer their own enemies and achieve success in their lives.

You do more for your customers than they could ever realize. Days and nights of stress and fatigue creating products and services to make their lives better.

Yes, the whole “village” depends on your leadership, expertise, and authority to thrive and prosper. And in return they happily pay you.

Sometimes you even get chased by the Sheriff of Nottingham when you try to help them (the IRS wanting “their” cut, your competition leading your customers astray, or even your friends and family wondering if you have what it takes).

But if you didn’t fight those villains for them and get your customers what they need, they would be truly subjugated by their own failures, ignorance, and problems.

Entrepreneurship Is War

You’re at WAR, my friend. This is not just a fight for yourself–it is a war you wage for the people you can help.

A war to win the hearts and minds of your prospective customers so you can help them thrive and prosper.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have never seen anyone win a war with passive, timid, unconfident action. No, the wars have always been won by people who knew what they were fighting for and were willing to do things that other men find icky, revolting, and downright uncomfortable.

The successful entrepreneur does not have the luxury of being passive and timid.

He cannot hope his customers find him. He must go out and get them. He must fight to win them if he has any chance of success.

He must communicate what he has to offer clearly and aggressively to persuade his customers to follow him.

Wars Are Won By 
Courageous, Aggressive Men

Which is why you need AGGRESSIVE copywriting. Not fluffy stuff that can be “copied and pasted” from some robot or “AI” on the Internet. (In fact, I even saw an ad running on Facebook for AI copywriting that admitted it couldn’t beat an experienced human copywriter).

Let’s be honest, writing copy with a script is like taking a Nerf gun to a war.

No, you need the real stuff. Copy written by someone who has taken the time to dig into the psyche of your customers, to learn their secret wants and desires, to learn how they talk and think.

My name is Konrad Holden 

AKA the Ghengis Kon of Copywriting.

Ready to bring my sharpened axe of persuasive, aggressive copywriting to help you grow your business. 

Funny enough, I have even been accused of writing “too aggressively”.

And quite frankly, those people may be right. I don’t know.

What I do know is, the emails, direct mail packages, and copy I’ve written for clients helped them keep their “lights on and doors open”. 

One even reporting that his schedule was filled up for the rest of the week after one email. Emails that I wrote duplicated these same results for other clients in his niche in other local markets. Now, he has to figure out how to serve his customers better while doing what he loves…instead of constantly wondering where his next customers will come from.

Another client needed copy written for a promotion they were running. The promotion was only used organically (no paid traffic) and produced 7 new leads. That may not sound like much, but for this small “hyper-niched” school that was almost the size of their current enrollment at that time. 

One direct mail package I wrote even earned me a job that netted me tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year. And I didn’t have any degree or past experience in that field (when this happened, I knew that if my writing could help me make money, it could help you, too). The person that hired me even told me later, “Once I read your letter, I knew I really wanted to hire this guy.”

Now Is The Time To Fight

Anyway, I could continue on, but here is the deal:

I am looking for a client who has the following characteristics (others need not apply):

  • You have a product and offer that is currently selling
  • You have a list (email, direct mail, etc) of people that are interested in your products
  • You want to market aggressively and aren’t afraid to “go big or go home” (now, I don’t mean you want to be unnecessarily pushy or jerkish)
  • You are willing to work outside of the corporate 9-5 hours if necessary

Now, before I tell you how to sign up, I need you to know a few things:

  1. I may not be able to take you on as a client immediately. I am usually only available to take on 1-2 more clients, and sometimes none. So if you fill out the form below, just know I may not be able to begin immediately (but I will meet with you now to see if we are a good fit). 
  2. There are offers and markets I will not write for. If your business is anything approaching crystal-ball, meditation nonsense or anything advocating for politically left-leaning ideas and products, I will say “no” on the spot.
  3. I am easy to work with. You may scoff at that after reading this page. But in reality, I am fairly relaxed guy who plays well with others. I may sound “aggressive” because I know that if I can help you, it will be worth great sums of money and freedom for you and your business.

So, if after all that, you are still interested in working with me, just fill out the form below for a free 15 minute consultation.

You’re not making an obligation–this is just the best way for you to decide if working with me will be profitable for you.

With a raised goblet of Mongol vodka and a bloodcurdling Mongol howl, here’s a toast to your coming conquest and victory.

Konrad Holden
Ghengis Kon of Copywriting

P.S. Because I am not interested in wasting your time, I want to make sure you get something out of this meeting even if you decide not to hire me.


Send me one of your landing pages, sales letters, emails, or other ads before we meet, and I will give you a mini-critique for free during your 15-minute consultation. Just sign up below.