Looking for a copywriter that understands direct response and has the aptitude to learn from your company’s hard-earned knowledge?

Konrad Holden, an ex-plumber turned direct response copywriter, creates real results for real businesses.

If your company thrives on direct response copy, you are always in need of writers that can…

→ create big, money-making ideas for your marketing campaigns…
→ bang out high-converting sales copy faster than you can say “conversion rate”…
→ and become a team player that offers valuable insights and loves constructive criticism.

Hi, my name is Konrad Holden…and this sales page will show you how I can do all these things and more for your business.

Allow me to explain.

Sometimes people have a mid-career crisis where they ask themselves, “Is this what I want to be doing for the rest of my life?

I had that same experience at my first job…and I think you’ll understand why…

“Do I want to be crawling around in septic tanks for the rest of my life?”

Just three years ago, I was decked out in a white, semi-watertight protective suit standing in the septic tank of the biggest mansion I had ever seen. 

I was a down-and-dirty plumber doing the work that needed to be done for my family. Making ends meet. Putting my nose to the grindstone. 

It was honest work for honest money, and I learned a ton of stuff about real everyday people.

But one day, I asked myself a simple question: “Do I want to be crawling around in septic tanks for the rest of my life?”

I realized if I wanted to make a different life for my family, I would have to find a way to create real value for real businesses.

That’s when I discovered direct response copywriting.

I dove in head first and started learning at the feet of masters like Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Dan Kennedy, Ken McCarthy, Gary Halbert, Bob Bly, Robert Collier, and Russell Brunson.

I devoured podcasts, books, seminars, and anything else I could get my hands on.

Then one day it occurred to me that all this studying wasn’t amounting to much. Getting a job would be tough.

How could I get a marketing job with NO college degree at the time, NO  “official” marketing experience whatsoever, and NO references to vouch for me?

So I asked myself, “What would my favorite direct response marketers do?”

So I wrote a simple sales letter…printed it out…and hand-delivered it to a company I wanted to work for.

Long story short, that letter had a 100% conversion rate and I got hired.

In fact, that boss, who had been coached on her copy directly by Dan Kennedy, later told me that “once I read your letter, I knew I wanted to hire this guy.”

But it wasn’t just a fluke!

Now that I had the job, my skills were about to be put to the test. 

Was this success just a fluke? Or could I really deliver more leads, more revenue, and more profits to real, everyday businesses?

As it turns out, I could.

I wrote copy for my agency’s clients and my own freelance clients that created REAL results for REAL businesses, including…

→ One short direct mail piece that produced $17,257.13 of revenue from a $674.37 investment. An ROI of 2459%. And those are only the numbers for one of the 25 clients it was mailed for. Most of our clients reported similar results.

→ One simple landing page produced 7 leads from organic traffic only. That might not sound like much, but for this hyper-niched theological school, those 7 leads filled their sales pipeline.

→ 20+ Facebook ad campaigns that increased landing page traffic by nearly 50% for all our clients across the US and Canada. 

→ 1 sales email that brought in $15,000 to one client in less than a week. I wrote similar emails on the fly for all our clients whenever they were slow. These emails got people to pick up the phones again and again.

→ And countless other emails, social media ads, direct mail pieces, landing pages, and sales pages that drove REAL results for REAL companies like yours.

Here’s the bottom line…

At my agency alone, my copywriting has supported multiple businesses generating over $25 million in collective revenue. 

“It might take this guy some time to get up to speed on our industry…”

Au contraire!

I carry a concealed weapon everyday and I fit directly into Delta Defense’s target market. 

In fact, I have interacted with some of Delta Defense’s sales pages, lead magnets, and online content as a consumer.

But I do understand that I don’t know everything about your company or target audience. Because of that, I would come in with a hunger to learn from all the collective knowledge and experience at Delta Defense.

That being said, I do understand that normal, everyday people own and carry weapons to protect the people dearest to them. That’s why I do it myself. I understand that feeling.

But the problem is that many people have no plan for what happens after a self-defense encounter.

And while everyone can try to prepare, having a team on your side when something happens can be the difference between jail time and freedom.

“So why are you looking for a new job?”

Quite frankly, I am looking to get out of the agency world. I want to focus all my energy on helping one specific business win. I want to get in the trenches of your company, help optimize conversion rates, and craft copy that gets prospects to buy your products and services.

Now here’s the thing, I’ve sent a sales page like this to select business owners, marketing managers, and copy chiefs. After I take a new position, I’ll take this page down.

If we are a good fit, I’d love to be a valuable part of your team and help your company win.

So, if you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me immediately at the email or phone number below.

Email: konradholdenwriting@gmail.com

Phone: 417-213-0307