I am a freelance copywriter based in Kansas City.

I first got into copywriting in 2016 when I stumbled upon a marketing podcast. After that fateful day, I dove in head first. I began reading everything I could get my hands on. I found articles, podcasts, books and devoured them. Everything dealing with sales, marketing, and copywriting was fair prey.

I began doing some small projects for clients. Not really sure what was going on, I kept doing these small projects and enjoying them.

A major breakthrough came when I began listening to Scientific Advertising by legendary advertiser Claude Hopkins. Little did I know, I would listen to that book 7 times in the next 7 days.

As I began taking stock of my newfound knowledge, I realized I have something that can provide a lot of value to others…a lot of sales, leads, and customers to other people.

I launched my website, began writing marketing articles, and prospecting for more clients.

This led me to work with lots of interesting people and businesses.

I wrote the copy for an insurance website. They asked me to write copy for another website.

I was asked to write the sales copy for landing pages for a martial arts school. This project taught me a lot about how to connect with the emotional reasons that people make buying decisions.

I wrote three articles for a software project. They asked for three more afterward.

Then I realized something. I am a Reformed Baptist. I love reading Reformed literature. More than that, I want to see Reformed theology become mainstream in the publishing world.

I put two and two together and began writing advertisements for Reformed books.

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