Nurture A Little One's Eyes & Heart With This Beautiful Hymn Book Bundle

Pass on your faith to the next generation with this board book and onesie!

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Sing with Your Little One

Lead them through the beautiful lyrics and melody with each page flip. Includes the entire hymn!

Captivate Their Growing Eyes

The high contrast images are easy for a newborn's developing eyes to focus on.

Disciple Them With Delight

Feed your little one with the truth, goodness, and beauty of God contained in this beloved hymn.

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  • "I so appreciate the great theology in the hymns of the faith, and the Hi-Contrast Hymn Book is a lovely way to share these timeless hymns of the faith with your little ones."

    — Marci Ferrell,

  • "I love your idea of having a way for teach their children the hymns at home to reinforce what they hear on Sundays at church."

    — Mary F., pastor's wife

  • "Yes, yes, and yes! I remember singing through a hymnbook as a kid. There are so many benefits, and as an associate pastor now, I greatly encourage the idea."

    — Joshua G., associate pastor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this book contain the entire hymn?

Yes, the book contains the entire hymn! The first verse and melody are featured across the first 8 pages alongside beautiful illustrations. The entire hymn with sheet music is on the final page so you can sing all the verses with your little one!

How fast will my book ship?

Books ship the same or next business day. If you're shipping label is crooked its because we had the 4 year-old put it on ;-)

Will you be making more books featuring other hymns?

We would love to! At this point, we are still determining the future of the Hi-Contrast Hymn Book series. Purchasing a book today helps us know that you're interested in different hymn books!

What do I get with my purchase?

Every Hi-Contrast Hymn Book comes with free printable coloring pages based on the book's illustrations and a free sing-a-long videobook delivered via email. Every purchase also includes free shipping in the US!

What size is the onesie?

The onesie comes in 12M sizing only. A perfect 1st birthday gift or baby shower gift for that little one to grow into!