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Treasure Trove of Secrets for Not Wasting Your Youth

Have you ever wondered how you could make a lasting impact right now? Even though you are only 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, or 21? Have you pondered what you could do right now to be an effective and faithful Christian? Even though you don’t have a degree, experience, or accomplishments to your name?

I once felt like I was held back by my age and lack of experience. I worried that I wouldn’t ever be able to make a difference and do anything important.

I read lots of new books that promised a new approach to impactful living. But no matter how many books I read, I always read the last paragraph feeling like I still wasn’t old enough or experienced enough to live impactfully.

Then I read J.C. Ryle’s old, old book: Thoughts for Young Men.

Ryle understands the stakes as well as you do. Youth is a time for doing significant things and working towards your important goals.

Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men is packed with usable tips, lessons, and principles for a young man just like you. Ryle doesn’t blaze a new trail, he gets back to the biblical basics of manhood and godliness that our “American church culture” seems to have forgotten.

Ryle’s short, easy-to-read book is time tested. Even though he lived in the 1800s, his “thoughts” have been published and republished dozens of times. They can help you become the man you should be and want to be. 

Thoughts for Young Men is not a book of lofty theory. Ryle gets deep into the weeds about what it means to be a faithful Christian man—what it means to take life seriously—and what it takes to live your life with significance and importance, especially when you are young.

This book will give you things to think about and things to do…right now. Thoughts for Young Men includes many important tips and lessons you can begin to apply immediately:

  • The most important thing in life you must never forget (page 34)

  • The secret to doing great things (page 7 and 33)

  • Why conviction and desire are like the unicorns in Job (page 8)

  • How long the roots of habit are (page 8)

  • When Satan will help you in religion (page 10)

  • Why Satan is not careless about your soul (page 11)

  • What the particular temptations/snares of youth are (page 14)

  • When to distrust your own thoughts (page 18)

  • What Ryle calls “beautiful graces in young people” (page 18)

  • What can be a useful servant or a bad master (page 20)

  • The sin which a “man dares to smile at” (page 21)

  • The thing Satan will whisper in your ear (page 23)

  • Why it is worthwhile to be serious about religion (page 25)

  • One thing that prevents you from having good habits (page 27)

  • How to choose helpful friends (page 41)

  • The one question to ask yourself when choosing friends (page 42)

  • Why you cannot forget the eye of God (page 49)

  • 5 “Special Counsels” to help you live a life of faithfulness (page 44)

Do you desire a life of godliness, significance, and faithfulness? 

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